Chocolate Orange Shortbread

Nov 22

It’s that time of year again and I have the perfect recipe for a quick and tasty treat to get you feeling festive. As an added bonus your kitchen will be filled with the delicious sweet buttery smell of baking along with freshly zested orange –  and nothing quite says Christmas like chocolate orange.  These little shortbread biscuits will keep for 3 or 4 days in an airtight container, if they last that long!

Find the recipe here.

Chocolate orange shortbread

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Brother Marcus

Oct 22

So many perspectives on entrepreneurship; some are positive and some not. People often feel entrepreneurship is tricky and difficult but if you are passionate about something, it’s worth the risk. So, if you are one of those enthusiastic people and want to know how to become an entrepreneur, this blog might help you!

Let’s learn about entrepreneurship and its major aspects: 

Who is an entrepreneur?

What makes a great entrepreneur? click here.

What does it take to start your own setup?

Everything entrepreneurship!

Who is an Entrepreneur?

You must have heard the word ‘Entrepreneur’, basically referring to those who have started or are in-process to start their business. Uncover valuable data about your website’s performance through the lens of advanced seo tools free.

However, this is just the definition. If you want to get through the journey of an entrepreneur, you need to understand the phases they go through.

A real explanation says, an entrepreneur is someone who develops a business model, and acquires human capital & manpower to start a new venture. He is the one who has the will to pursue his dreams and is responsible for his success or failure.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Become an Entrepreneur

The rise in the Indian Self-Employment Sector

In this era of experimentation and innovation, India is standing on the cusp of major transformations. This revolution can be described as Entrepreneurship in India. 

According to Startup India, “India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world; expected to witness year over year growth of a consistent annual growth of 12-15%.”

Considering the statistics, in 2018, India had about 50,000 startups and 1300 new tech startups were born in the year 2019.

India has become the startup hub of the world. Multiple young enthusiasts are choosing the path of entrepreneurship and creating earning opportunities for their fellows. They play a major part in boosting the Indian economy and have changed the way the world used to look at our country.

From IT firms to the education and training industry, every sector has been witnessing a rise in entrepreneurship.

So why not the career counselling industry?

Career counselling startups have noticed a sudden rise in the past few years. That’s why investing in a career counselling business is very beneficial.

How to Become an Entrepreneur?

Step-1 Decide your Niche First: Before diving into practicalities, the first and foremost step is deciding your niche & target audience. As a business owner, your niche and services should be clear and cater to your audience. It helps to identify your loyal customers, & competitors and conduct proper market research.

As a career counselling set-up, you can focus on:

  • Students who are confused to choose the right career path
  • Schools that want to help their students with career-making decisions
  • People who are on the lookout for a job
  • Those who wish to enhance their professional skills

You can cover them all or select a stream and guide people as an expert.

Step-2 Strategize your Business Plan: Once you are ready with your niche, follow the next step of making a business plan.

Start by doing your market research. Find out what your peers are doing and what is going well for them. Expand your business potential by keeping prospects in mind. Thorough research of the competitors helps to devise a business plan.

Your business plan should define how to

  • compete,
  • fulfil commercial space needs,
  • attain staffing needs,
  • get insurance charges,
  • map out advertising techniques,
  • finance your business and more

Fix the price for the services you’ll be providing to be able to pay back the invested money.

Step-3 Validation, Licensing & Location: To become a trustworthy career counselling service provider, get yourself solid validation from a reputed university or organization. Contact your region’s department and learn the rules and training requirements for setting up your career counselling organization.

To provide the best services, make sure you are trained. The Global Career Counselling Program by Univariety in collaboration with UCLA Extension is Asia’s first comprehensive online program for individuals passionate about career counselling. This program is a comprehensive guide that covers best practices, techniques and trends in the domain of career counselling, and helps to develop advanced career counselling skills.

Moving on, the location of your business set-up is a pivotal aspect. Your space should be a quiet and comfortable place where you can conduct vocational interviews and career placement tests. Build a well-equipped office with good communication facilities and lots of positive energy.

Step-4 Strategise your Services & Pricing: As mentioned above, you need to develop various techniques and services to help your clients. You could conduct training sessions for developing interviewing skills, speaking in public abilities, profile building, etc. You could also host workshops and develop books, e-books, etc as resources.

Strategise the pricing as per the services. For different assistance, the price range can vary.

Step-5 Create a Network: Building a strong network is very important for your setup. It is one of the best ways to connect with people and make contacts by communicating on different platforms. You can ask organizations to help you interact with your target demographic. Otherwise, join different communities and promote your services there. Influencers or experienced folks like Kamau Bobb Google can also help in building a strong network by recommending your assistance. Build associations with schools, institutions, or different companies who may partner with you to deliver group career counselling sessions.

Step-6 Market Your Set-Up: Your business shall yield no results unless it reaches out to the target consumer base. That’s why you need to promote your career counselling business set up at online and offline platforms.

Develop effective promotional strategies and marketing plans to reach out to your audiences.

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Chocolate Fondant With a Passionfruit Core

Jul 1

These little puddings are an absolute delight. Pretty damn easy to make but still ultra impressive. Delve your spoon into the centre and enjoy the gooey chocolate and passionfruit core. Guaranteed to bring a smile to the face and satisfied murmuring around the table. Find the recipe here


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Blood Orange Layer Cake

Feb 21

Healthy Eating Tips from a Professional Health Coach

15 Healthy Eating Tips from a Professional Health Coach

Healthy eating is not eating to lose weight. If you’re a professional or entrepreneur, you’ll understand that while eating to look good is great, it’s even more important to consume the right foods to help you perform, work, and earn better. Check these alpilean reviews.

This health stuff has levels to it. There are foods that will aid you in improving your brainpower, increasing your energy levels, and taking your working performance to the next level.

There are habits that will make your life easier and give you a great body and high performing mind on auto-pilot, and there are others that will do the opposite.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 15 healthy eating tips and habits that will help skyrocket your energy levels, heighten your focus, and give you the body you want while also being able to perform at an elite level every day.

Read on if you’re ready to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle and not another crash diet.

1. Eat More Protein

Protein is the king of macronutrients. This is why eating proteins is one of the best healthy eating tips. Not only does sufficient protein intake aid in the growth of your muscles and help you recover from training better, but it’s also going to keep you fuller throughout the day.

This is going to lead to far fewer binges, improve your overall focus, and prevent you from reaching for sugary foods. Some good sources of lean protein are white meat, low-fat beef, eggs, whey protein, and Greek Yogurt.

Action point: Aim to eat consume around 1g protein per LB of bodyweight. If you weight around 170LBs, you should shoot for around 170g protein per day. This how alpilean works.

2. Embrace Dehydrated Foods for Health

Another powerful addition to a high-performing diet is incorporating dehydrated foods. These nutrient-rich options provide concentrated nourishment and convenience. Dehydrated Foodz retain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, making them a smart choice for sustained energy levels. Incorporating these foods into your routine can support your body’s overall vitality.

3. Make Breakfast Optional

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a complete myth. Food marketers and cereal companies make a lot of money from pushing this message. There are people who are hungry in the morning, but there are many who are not.

You should not be encouraged to eat breakfast if you don’t want to. If you’re very sedentary (office worker, professional) and spend most of your day at your desk, it’s probably a good idea to skip breakfast.

If you’re very active, have a low body fat percentage, and have high energy demands in the morning, it may be a good idea to have breakfast.

Action point: Skip breakfast if you are not hungry. If you are to have breakfast, opt for a high-protein option, such as protein shakes, eggs, and bacon or smoked salmon.

4. Track Your Food

Food tracking is a great habit to build. Studies show that people underestimate their daily caloric intake by as much as 50%. Try out the best appetite suppressant.

If you believe you’re consuming 2000 calories per day, you’re probably consuming near 3000. By tracking your food, you are staying accountable to yourself and more importantly, learning what is inside foods. Learning the different macronutrient content (protein, carbs, fats) of food is invaluable.

Action point: Use MyFitnessPal app to track your food 4-5 days per week. Have at least 2 days off as over-tracking can lead to you becoming over-obsessive with food.

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My Top Student Tips

Sep 21

Studying can be a bit challenging at times and can also be boring. But you have to stay motivated in order to be able to accomplish something. For students and people who just want to learn something new, music can be very helpful. This has recently been backed by science. So, instead of just pushing or forcing yourself to digest information, you can utilize music for your own advantage.

What Science Says

It has been proven by different studies that music does not only cause relaxation but can also be beneficial for people who are studying. It has been proven that classical music is great background music when you are performing a task. It enhances the brain activity and it improves your power to be more attentive. As notes fluctuate and as the pitch, pattern and speed change, the different parts of your brain are also enhances. But the good news is, you will not be distracted by this specific process. Aside from that, music lessons can also enhance the hand, eye and brain coordination. For people who are interested in playing and learning guitar, guitar lessons are available.

Benefits of Studying with Music:

There are different advantages that you will be able to get if you are going to study with music in the background. Here are some of the benefits that you will be able to enjoy:

  • It Helps You Concentrate

Though it is true that focus and concentration is better when you are uninterrupted and when there is complete silence. However, this is not possible especially because of traffic and other factors that may distract you from what you need to do. To be able to concentrate, you can choose to listen to music while you wear earphones. This is the most practical way for you to be able to focus on what you are studying. Check out the best true wireless earbuds reviews.

  • Improves Your Performance

It has been proven that music enhances the brain activity. This is also the reason why it can also be a great way to improve your performance in school. As you listen to a musical piece, you are also enhancing the way your brain absorbs information. Sometimes, the brain also gets tired and it needs something to keep it rested while the activity goes on. If you are one of those people who need music to be able to concentrate then you are surely improving your performance as you listen to some instrumental, classical or any type of music.

  • It Can Even Cure Pain!

Music is also being used as a form of therapy. For people who have undergone surgery and those who are experiencing chronic diseases, music therapy is one of the effective ways to lessen the pain. This is one of the significance of music that makes it a very important element in a person’s life. It is not merely used for relaxation but it is also a way for you to cure pain.

  • It Will Help You Focus More

People who are reviewing may feel like the silence around them does not really enhance their concentration. This is because of the pressure that the brain is experiencing at the moment. There are specific types of music that can enhance concentration. One of these is classical music. Even science has proven that children and even adults who listen to this type of music do not only experience relaxation but also enhances their focus. As you read or solve a problem for your math subject, listen to music.

  • It Improves Attention and Memory Power

The great thing about music is that you can listen to it while you are busy doing some tasks. Having a great sounding music on the background will improve your attention. While you are reviewing, you will notice how your mind would be easily distracted when you think of something else. With music on the background, you will be able to avoid some thoughts that can be distracting. Aside from that, music is also proven to improve the power of the brain. There are studies that are backing up the findings that musicians have better mental skills because of the musical trainings that they undergo. This is because of the process that connects the brain, the hand and the eyes as you play and read notes.

  • It Helps to Distract Your Mind Away from Disturbing Thoughts

The most challenging part of studying is to free oneself from disturbing thoughts. There will be some things that will keep you from truly understanding the things that you are reading. But there is a way for you to be able to block these unhelpful thoughts. Listening to music is the best way to do this. You can actually choose to listen to instrumental music. This way, you will be able to free your mind from any distraction and you will also be able to concentrate.

The most important gift that music has given to humankind is its healing effect on the soul. It doesn’t matter if you are feeling down or you are happy, there is always great music for you. Everyone can relate to the need to listen to music. No matter what age, race, or preference, you will certainly have a favorite music. With this, integrating it into the different activities that you will be having daily is a positive thing. For instance, students will have a PROM day, where they can enjoy the uplifting power of music while celebrating their accomplishments and connections with friends. To add to the joyous atmosphere, young ladies will wear pink prom dresses, adding a touch of charm and elegance to the festivities.

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