Who doesn’t love a biscuit!?

Apr 9

I have been very busy recently as i’m working on a rather exciting new project. Now i’m not sure if i’m allowed to talk about it yet, but it’s a very clever little book!! Because of the smart structure it’s been a real noggin scratcher, demanding plenty of concentration. This has led to an unholy amount of tea drinking. So I thought because of all that tea I should provide you with a recipe for one of my biggest cravings….chocolate biscuits! I’m trying to eat really healthily and only having a small amount of the food I create (up to 5 dishes a day) as otherwise i will pile the weight on! So if I can’t enjoy a chocolate biscuit right now I want you to do it for me. I will keep you updated with the project as it continues and when I can reveal all, I will!


Find the recipe here.


Chocolate Biscuits

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