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Sep 26

Wall Clock Vastu: How to Choose Position, Shape and Direction

In traditional homes of yore, a wall clock with a pendulum ticking away in a sombre atmosphere was common. Décor has changed since those days and so have clocks. Today clocks are not only gadgets to tell the time, but also works of art. Clocks in every size, colour, shape and material are available in the market to take care of every need.

This brings forth the question of placement. Which is the best direction for wall clock? And more importantly what are the Vaastu shastra guidelines for placing clocks? Let’s find out.

Direction for wall clock as per Vastu, A hanging wall clock: Where do you put it?

Following Vaastu guidelines, while placing a clock in your home, can ensure the flow of peace, positivity, and prosperity. As per Vaastu, the ideal directions for wall clocks are east, west, and north. The southern direction is not considered suitable for this purpose. While west is considered suitable, it should be an option only if it is not possible to place your clock in the east or north directions. Take a look to this rolex replica.

The Best Locations for Prosperity

Where to hang wall clock in living room? Well, these pointers will show you where you should place your clock. The God of wealth, Kubera, is said to reign over the north direction. So, if its wealth you desire, north direction is ideal for your clock. As Indra, the king of Gods, dominates the east direction, it is a desired location for your time piece. West is the domain of the God of rains, Varun. This signifies stability. So, clock on west wall Vaastu, is not a bad choice. As the south is ruled by Yama, the God of death, you want to avoid that direction!

Apart from the direction, one place to strictly avoid is the top of any entrance to your home. Also important to note; ideally the clock should never exceed the height of your doorway.

Wall Clock in Bedroom as Per Vastu: Where to Hand Your Clock

Wall Clock in Bedroom as Per Vastu

  • When you are thinking of clock in bedroom Vaastu, the best direction for your clock is east. The other alternative is the northern direction. However, if your head is in the south direction when you sleep, the wall clock should be hung in the northern direction.
  • If possible, place the wall clock as far away from your bed as possible; either in the east or north direction.
  • To attract prosperity in your bedroom, place your clock in the northern direction.
  • Hanging calendars or clocks outside the walls of the home is strictly not advisable.

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The Working and Appearance of Your Wall Clock

clock in bedroom Vaastu

Make sure all the wall clocks in your home are in working order. Ensure that the glass is spotless and without cracks. Clean the clock regularly and make sure you have batteries handy.

Try to ensure that the clock shows the correct time. A few minutes ahead of time is not a problem. However, make sure that the clock is not behind time. In the event that there is a problem with your time piece, get it repaired immediately. If repair is not possible, then discard the clock.

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Chi Kitchen Review

Sep 11

When looking for a restaurant or takeaway that serves Asian food I have a couple of requirements. Firstly, it needs to be authentic and not just serve bits of mystery meat covered in red goop. Secondly the menu needs to be focused, pick a particular region of Asia, stick to it and do it well. Now I was a little concerned when I saw the menu at Chi Kitchen. There was clearly going to be no gloop but since the menu has a vast array of dishes from sushi to dim sum and sambal prawns to Korean steak, I admit that alarm bells rang.

However, I was prepared to go in with an open mind and an empty stomach ready to prove myself wrong. Sitting down at a table big enough for four (to make sure there was plenty of room for food) I browsed the menu and decided to test my theory and chose a dish from pretty much every region on offer (yes, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it). Could it work?

Whilst waiting for the food I had a chance to notice the ambience of the place, and although it’s part of Debenhams it has a different entrance so feels separate enough. I wouldn’t describe it as particularly romantic but perhaps that was because of the building works happening outside.

Now to the food. First up came a tower of Seaweed Salad, Popcorn Shrimp and some Prawn and Chive Dumplings. The Seaweed Salad was refreshing and beautifully presented and worked very well as a palate cleanser. The Popcorn Shrimp contained 5 plump prawns, deep-fried and covered in a wasabi mayonnaise and served in the style of a prawn cocktail. That was obviously delicious! The Prawn and Chive dumplings were as nice as those found in China Town. So far, so good…

Smoked Chicken

Next came the Spider Crab Sushi rolls and Smoked Chicken with chilli and salt with a spiced mayo and truffle oil. The sushi was seriously good, really well presented with succulent yet crisp bits of crab, I gleefully gobbled every mouthful. The Smoked Chicken came in three little bamboo pots which again looked beautiful on the table. Sadly, because of the presentation it went cold a little too quickly but the first few bites did not disappoint, especially when dipped in the chilli and truffle mayo. Check these metaboost connection reviews.

Spider Crab Rolls

The mains soon found their way to the table. Starting with Malaysian Sambal Prawns, a really great marriage of fresh crunchy vegetables, soft buttery prawns and a deliciously spicy sambal chilli sauce. The balance of heat was just right for me, not trying to please those who go for a Korma but not quite Vindaloo level either (different countries but good spice indication, right?).  Next came two dishes which didn’t quite hit the mark but could have very easily done so with just the slightest of tweaks. The Korean Steak with Bulgogi sauce (similar to teriyaki) and chive mash and a side of Miso Aubergine. Both were delicious at first bite but quickly became too much because of the high level of sweetness. Changing that small little detail would transform them entirely and they’d be super dishes. Visit

Miso Aubergine

Finally were the Thai Green Curry and Ping Coombes signature Nyonya Fried Rice. The Thai Green Curry was a marvelous thing; the balance was spot on. Normally I would never order one because of its predictability but this was exceptional, so much so I took it home for the next day! Ping Coombes is a MasterChef winner and executive chef for Chi Kitchen and develops signature specials every month for the restaurant. The fried rice did not disappoint, packed with prawns, chilli and spring onion and oodles of flavour. It’s a clever little dish that I will be trying when I cook too much rice (which always happens).


Green Thai Curry

So, it turns out I was wrong to be hesitant about the vast array of choice at Chi Kitchen. Pretty much every dish was beautifully presented, packed full of flavour and on the whole executed very well. One or two minor tweaks are needed but overall it was a delicious experience. The prices range from £5-£9 for starters and small plates to £16-£21 for mains, which, considering it’s situated in Oxford Circus and the quality food is so high, is a steal. I’d particularly recommend it for a quick, quality lunch if you need an escape from work and the warm comforting embrace that good food gives!



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