Jul 19

Hello – and welcome to my new site! It’s been a while in development and I hope you enjoy it and find it really useful. You’ll see that it comes with a wide range of free recipes which I will be adding to on a regular basis, along with top tips, techniques, and the usual variations and extras.

Now, if there’s a recipe, tip or technique you’re really in need of now, please feel free to tweet (I promise to get back to you asap) or you can reach me through samsterncooksonline@facebook. The recipes represent a range from across all the books at this stage plus a load of new ones. Look out for regular new content as now i’ve left university I’m devoting myself to the cooking and development of a range of new recipes plus experimenting with different ingredients and cuisines. And I’m really enjoying it.

Also look out for loads of foodie extras such as restaurant reviews, cash-, hassle- and time-saver tips, food, travel and product recommendations, my news and loads more.

To showcase some of what’s here, here are links to a few of my favourite recipes: a gorgeous beetroot risotto, fragrant mussels with white wine & tarragon, simple roast pork with baked apples, vanilla cupcakes with passion fruit icing and bacon wafers¬†and the best raspberry ripple cheesecake.

Why not try making them and send me a photo of your version? I’d love to check them out.

Do get in touch.





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