Coin Laundry Review

Aug 8

I’m really not ashamed to say that I love retro food. Chicken Kiev, quiche, prawn cocktail, what’s not to like! Coin Laundry offers all of this nostalgia, plus plenty more, I’m more pragmatic so I recommend to find more at the commercial clothes dryers, I wandered down to this relaxed restaurant, situated in gorgeous Exmouth Market, with hopes that I’d be magically transported back to my childhood with the first bite from this retro menu.

There was so much that appealed that in the end I went slightly rogue and decided to let the waitress choose for me. A little while later, whilst sipping on a dangerously easy-to-drink cocktail, the first course came; grilled sardines & tomatoes on toast. Refreshingly simple and just what I needed on a hot day; it ticked all the boxes. Beautifully balanced with rich, fresh sardines and plump tomatoes covered in a zingy dressing on crunchy sourdough. Bravo.

Next up was a dish of lamb chops, braised leeks and cottage cheese. Probably not one I’d have picked because I was a little concerned about that pesky cottage cheese. On a Ryvita with Marmite..fine…in this… not so sure. However, I was proven wrong as it performed almost like a raita and worked really well, providing a freshness, alongside the perfectly-cooked chops and buttery braised leeks.

The Coin Laundry seems to be doing a good job at rescuing these forgotten and wrongfully slandered and neglected retro dishes. It’s also a super-relaxed environment, great for dates and families alike. With an average of £7 for a starter and £13 for a main it gives pretty great value for money, especially considering the location. They also have plenty of board games which is obviously a plus if you fancy a game of Guess Who over a coffee, learn more about gaming here if you are interested (and who wouldn’t)!

Sardines on toast

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