Bonjour from France!

Aug 15

I am sitting here enjoying one of my favourite soups and i thought i’d share it with you. Vichyssoise isn’t just difficult to spell, i have tried a million times to get it right, still can’t. It’s a divinely smooth, delicate and sophisticated leek soup served chilled. It’s perfect eating to accompany a lazy weekend dinner or lunch in the sun. It’s also a great dinner party dish because you can prepare it, quite easily, a day in advance and just ladle it into bowls and top at the last minute. I have added a few special extras to the soup which take very little preparation but make a huge difference. The warm scallops cut through the chilled soup and take it to another level. The crisp pancetta shards are like little flavour explosions of piggy pleasure. If you are feeling extra fancy add drizzle of truffle oil or keep it simple and add a few snipped chives. Whether you are giving yourself a treat or impressing guests relax and enjoy this great soup!



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